CS Cone Crusher

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CS Cone Crusher

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CS Cone crusher ( CS series CS cone crusher) is used for stone crushing ,rocks crushing, mineral crushing, construction crushing, railway construction, quarry mining etc.

Compared to the traditional spring cone crusher, the structure of the CS spring Cone crusher with high-efficiency is more perfect, and its technical parameters are more advanced, and CS Cone crusher machine has excellent performance in the manufacture, installation, operation and maintenance.

CS Cone crusher is the best choice for mining crusher with fine crushing, high productions and low maintenance.

Features / Advantages:

  • High-performance
  • Good products size composition
  • Good stability
  • Convenient Cleaning-up
  • High reliability.
  • Easy maintenance and operation
  • Low production costs
  • Widespread use
  • Separate Lubrication

CS Cone Crusher Application

Fields Used: CS Cone crusher is widely applied in cement making industry, building, sand making, metallurgical industry, etc.

Kinds of Stone, Ores, Rocks: The Cone crusher from China is suitable for both metallic minerals and non-metallic minerals, such as gold ore,iron ore, nonferrous metal ore, limestone, granite, ballast, baryte, limestone, blast furnace slag, coal, quartzite, tantalite, sandstone, pebble, chrome, etc.

Coutry & Areas for: SBM CS Cone Crusher has been exported to many coutries such as India, China, Canada , USA, Australia, Nigeria, Ghana , Mongolia, south Africa , New Zealand, Alaska , Peru , Philippines, Tanzania, Malaysia, Russia , California of America ,NZ , BC etc.

CS Cone Crusher Structure & Wear Parts

  • This CS Cone Crusher consists of frame, concaves assembly, mantle assembly, spring, bowl support, and transmission. Auxilliary & other parts includes electrical system, lubrication system, and hydraulic cleaing system.
  • Like drawing , concaves assembly is composed of adjustment sleeve, concave, while mantle assembly is composed of main shaft, mantle head, mantle. Transmission part is composed of pulley, shaft, pionion and gear.
    1. Frame 2. Pulley 3. Shaft 4. Pionion 5. Gear 6. Main shaft 7. Spring 8. head 9. Mantle 10. Concave 11. Adjustment sleeve 12. Distributor Plate 13. Feed Inlet 14. Adjustment ring 15. Support 16. Support for bowl 17. Eccentric bushing
  • More about Cone Crusher Spare Parts:
CS Cone Crusher

Working Principle of CS Cone Crusher

The crushing principle of CS Cone Crusher is finished between fixed cone plate and movable cone plate. The motor drives the horizontal axis of the crusher through triangle belt and pulley, the horizontal axis drive the eccentric shaft bush to rotate through gear transmission. The eccentric shaft drives the main shaft to make the movable cone plate swing at a regulated track from time to time, the materials are crushed due to constant pressed and crooked in the crushing cavity. The finished products of Cone Crusher are discharged from the discharging opening.

Through a horizontal axle and a pair of bevel gear, the motor drives the eccentric sleeve to revolve. The revolution of the eccentric sleeve makes the mantle move towards to the bowl liner from time to time. In this way, the ores and rocks in the CS cone crusher will be pressed and finally crushed.

CS Cone Crusher Specification

Note: CS Cone Crusher Specification is just for reference,any changes are subject to the products.

Clients Comments on CS Cone Crusher

  • "We have decided to increase the purchasing of SBM Machinery as it chases what it says is highly efficient and environmental friendly." - Client From Zimbabwe
  • "Cooperating with SBM brings us more opportunities to maximize our production. Especially its coal crushers and coal mills just match our plant." - Mr. Bruce Munro, Chief Executive Mining - Client From Australia
  • "Dealing with SBM Machinery especially jc-CS Cone Crusher trading is the best choice since i started importing & exporting of mining equipment." - Clients From South Africa
  • "The company is worth a win-win business of mining equipment after i was touched by their CS Cone Crusher service." - Clients From India

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