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Feldspar crusher is a important machine in mining feldspar. During feldspar crushing and grinding process, our feldspar crushing machine and feldspar grinding equipments have excellent performance. Just trust us and enjoy our one-class service please.


  • Hardness:6-6.5
  • Color: dyed yellow, brown, light red, dark gray and other colors, and some with the beautiful change color or halo.
  • Feldspar is an aluminum silicate mineralcontains calcium, sodium, potassium, it has a very wide range, such as sodium feldspar, calcium feldspar, barium feldspar, barium adularia, microcline, orthoclase glassy feldspar and so on. They all have glass gloss of various colors, with colorless, white, yellow, pink, green, gray, black etc. Some are transparent and some are translucent. Feldspar should be colorless and transparent, why colored or not completely transparent is due to containing other impurities. Some in blocks, some in plates and cylindrical or needle-like. Feldspars in igneous and metamorphic rocks generally are small, only 0.1 to 10 mm, in the porphyry up to 5 ~ 10 cm, and in some pegmatites can reach tens of meters. Feldspar is the raw material for ceramics and glass industry. Some feldspar has a beautiful color change or halo, can be used as a gem material.

Crushed Feldspar Application

Feldspars are used widely in the glass and ceramics industries. Alkali feldspars are more commonly used commercially than plagioclase feldspars. Albite, or soda spar as it is known commercially, is used in ceramics. The feldspar-rich rocks larvikite and a few anorthosites are employed as both interior and exterior facing slabs.

In addition, several feldspars are used as gemstones. For example, varieties that show opalescence are sold as moonstone. Spectrolite is a trade name for labradorite with strong colour flashes. Sunstone (oligoclase or orthoclase) is typically yellow to orange to brown with a golden sheen; this effect appears to be due to reflections from inclusions of red hematite. Amazonite, a green variety of microcline, is used as an ornamental material.

Feldspar Crushing Plant & Equipment

  • Feldspar is commonly piled in town road. So we must much better select mobile crusher since the principal crushing plant on this process. mobile Feldspar crusher or easily transportable Feldspar crusher is a single of SBM principal products. This mobile Feldspar crusher is equipped with Feldspar crusher, belt conveyor, vibrating feeder and vibrating screen. The easily transportable Feldspar crusher is truly a fundamental crushing system. SBM mobile Feldspar crusher consists of mobile cone crusher, mobile jaw crusher, mobile effect crusher, crawler kind mobile crusher and multi-crushing mobile crusher. SBM mobile crusher all passed the authoritative certification. SBM Feldspar crusher can also be awesome for you: jaw crusher, effect crusher and cone crusher, that are completely 8 types.
  • Firstly, we choose the usable materials and transmit them with the vibrating feeder. Then vibrating feeder pours them into primary Feldspar crusher. Then products of primary Feldspar crusher get crushed by secondary Feldspar crusher.
  • Secondary Feldspar crusher crushes stones into smaller size and usually they can get used. But more often the products of secondary Feldspar crusher get screened by vibrating screen and whose can fit the requirement will leave this process and become the final product and the others will go back to secondary Feldspar crusher or even primary crusher to get crushed.
  • Finally, Feldspar all become the right products . Tertiary Feldspar crusher is usually used in special crushing process. Tertiary Feldspar crusher will process stones into much smaller size than secondary crusher.
  • We usually choose mobile Feldspar crusher or portable Feldspar crusher is this process. Because it is really convenient to use mobile Feldspar crusher or portable Feldspar crusher in this process.

Occurrences of Feldspar

  • This is a rare occurrence because in most environments the feldspars tend to be altered to other substances, such as clay minerals. They also may be found in many metamorphic rocks formed from precursor rocks that contained feldspars and/or the chemical elements required for their formation. In addition, feldspars occur in veins and pegmatites, in which they were apparently deposited by fluids, and within sediments and soils, in which they were probably deposited by groundwater solutions. Some of the typical occurrences for the individual species are given in the table. Morocco, China, India, Indonesia, Japan, Laos , North Korea, Singapore, Thailand , Vietnam, Belgium, Bosnia and Herzegovina Bulgaria, France, Germany , Italy Kazakhstan, Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Slovakia, Spain, UK, Argentina, Bolivia, Colombia, Guatemala, Mexico, Peru, Canada, Trinidad and Tobago, United States (USA), Australia, Iran, Kuwai, Turkey, United Arab Emirates (UAE), etc.

Feldspar Crushing Process

Feldspar crushing process and the process is mainly divided into the following aspects:

Crushing Process

  • ① a broken process. A broken process is generally used to provide the right from the feed mill, often constitute a system with self-mill. The process is simple, less equipment, plant and small footprint.
  • ② two crushing process. The mostly small-scale plant using the process.
  • ③ three sections broken process. The basic form of the process open and three sections of three sections of a closed two.
  • ④ work with broken washing process. When the feeding of the mud (-3mm) of more than 5% to 10% and water content greater than 5% to 8%, should increase in the crushing process Feldspar washing operations.

Grinding and Classification Process Procedures

  • In terms of dressing, using a grinding or two can put the economy grinding to a mineral Feldspar to any size needed. Two or more grinding, usually elected by the other requirements of the decision stage.
  • Period and compared to two processes, a grinding process of the main advantages are: less equipment, low investment, simple operation, do not stop because of a grinding segment to another segment of the work of grinding, less downtime losses. But the mill to the Feldspar particle size range, a reasonable ball hard, not easy to get the final product of smaller, low grinding efficiency.
  • When asked the maximum particle size of the final product of 0.2 ~ 0.15mm (or 60% to 79% -200 mesh), generally used a grinding process. Small factories, in order to simplify the process and device configuration, when the grinding fineness required 80% -200 mesh, we also used a grinding process. Two outstanding advantages of grinding can be smaller products, in different sections coarse grinding and fine grinding, especially for stage process.
  • In large and medium-sized factories, as required grinding fineness is less than 0.15mm (ie 80% -200 mesh), using two grinding more economical, and uniform particle size composition, was less than smashing. Under the first paragraph of the mill is connected with the classification of different ways, the two grinding process can be divided into three types: the first open; second paragraph of the entire house; first local house, and the second is always closed circuit grinding work process.

Grinding Process

  • Since the grinding process is classified to dry and wet. Concentrator to use more wet. Since the mill in order to solve the difficult problem of wear particles to improve grinding efficiency, adding a small amount from the ball mill, then known as the semi from the mill.
  • Since the constant grinding and crushing, milling, grinding gravel crushing equipment, joint work, based on their association composed of a variety of ways to process.

Recommended Feldspar Crusher in crushing process:

Primary Crushing Plant

Jaw Crusher | PEW Jaw Crusher | Impact Crusher

Secondary Crushing Plant

Spring Cone Crusher | Hydraulic Cone Crusher | CS Cone Crusher

Recommend Grinding Plant in Feldspar Grinding Process

Ball Mill | Raymond Mill Grinder | MTM Trapezium Mill | Vertical Roller Mill

Recommend Screening & Belting & Feeding & Washing Machine in whole processing

Vibrating Screen | Vibrating Feeder | Belt Conveyor | Sand Washing Machine

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